High speed patrol designed and raised based on the characteristics of patrolmen of Argentine nationalit. 

Author of the new converted Argentine design: Diego Cavalieri 

This is police version is based on “WMotors Fenyr Supersport v1.3”. 
Model: CSR Racing 2, NFS: Rivals 


Version 1.3
– All features on “WMotors Fenyr Supersport v1.3”

Version 1.2
– All features on “WMotors Fenyr Supersport v1.2”
– New extras:
*extra_1 – police lightbar
*extra_2 – police lightbar undercover
*extra_4 – logo “W-Motors” on seats
*extra_5 – logo “Fenyr” on seats
*extra_6 – police radar
*extra_7 – police PC


1. Copy the “wmfenyrcop” folder to: GTA 5modsupdatex64dlcpacks
2. Extract “dlclist.xml” or edit it with OpenIV from: GTA 5modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata
3. Use notepad or OpenIV to open/edit it, and add the new line:
4. Save / replace it in OpenIV
5. Use Menyoo or Simple Trainer and spawn it by name: “wmfenyrcop”



Let me know your thouht 🙂

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1567107970