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PCats House 1.0

Made notorious after years of criminal mayhem, this modest house in Sandy Shores was abandoned by a certain ‘TouYuber.’ Having recently acquired the infamous ‘PCat’s House’, Infinity Group is happy to announce the property is now on the market for rent or sale! Located on a prime corner lot, PCat’s House has been fully cleaned, refurbished and is ready for a hardworking individual or couple to move in today!

This prime property comes with a full bathroom, living room, 1 bedroom and a full-sized kitchen. Despite Sandy Shores ‘rustic’quality, potential renters or homeowners can expect modern conveniences. If you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable home far away from all the city strife, come settle in the notorious…uh, famous PCat’s House in Sandy Shores! Contact your nearest Infinity Group Representative about getting PCat’s House before someone ‘Buggs’ you by getting it first….

Map Builder 2.2.3 or Discovery

Place the PCats House XML into Menyoo’s ‘Spooner’ file.

The Occlusions inside the structure are annoying and are not AI friendly. To remove them, place modified Occl file in your Mods folder using the following file path:

Grand Theft Auto VModsx64t.rpflevelsgta5_hillscountry_04cs4_occl.rpf

Known Bugs:

Note: Exterior doors have teleports. Walk up to them and you’re in. All interior doors work normally. AI bodyguards will not teleport in with you. You can bring them in with a trainer. BE ADVISED: Bodyguards will not perform properly within the space without the modified occl map.

Vehicles and Peds not included.


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