Straight from 1980’s Ocean Drive neon-clad nightmare, the Technical Torero is everything you did not ask for, yet everything you could expect. Absurd amount of neons? Check. A retro, wedge-shaped design? Check. Ability to simultaneously fly and obliterate anything with lasers? Check and check. With enough power to light up the streets brighter than Vinewood at night, you’d wonder why corporations haven’t started using these cars as advertisement signs yet.
Note: the production model of this vehicle has reduced offensive capabilities.

This is a Technical Torero, a sequel to the Digital Deluxo. And, much like the aforementioned car, this is one of my most fun projects and one of my favorites. I didn’t actually draw any inspiration from anywhere, I just saw the Torero and was like “Okay, this would look great with a Digital variant”, then it was pointed out to me there’s the Countach in Automan and the Wraith in Saints Row 3/IV.


-Customization is full of neon lights. Modkit ID: 603
-All LODs present – at a distance the car and its neons will light up, not your PC.
-Breakable glass because it’s 2019. No neons on glass.
-A few traffic neon colors despite this not being a traffic car.
-The word “neon” is still available in all game languages. Still courtesy of Google Translate. I mean, what, I still tried.
-Excess of neons is continued to be sponsored by “I listened to too much retrowave”.
-Yes, it has guns. They may not be neons, but they’re found in the “Light Covers” category, and have neon trim on them sooooo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
-A non-neon related fact that probably nobody will notice: I changed the default radio stations to play electronic stations. The original Torero was set to play rap stations for some reason.
-Blasting the horn is NOT recommended.

Drop the “sptorero2” folder into dlcpacks and add the line “dlcpacks:sptorero2” to dlclist.xml in update.rpf/common/data.


-Latest game version (1.0.1604.0) is required for the mod to work properly. Not my problem if you don’t have it.
-Also I tested the DLC pack (on a clean install). Crashes are unlikely, but if they happen let me know there’s probably a mod conflict somewhere.
-“Technical” as in “Technological”, not a technical truck.
-Hold H for a special ability.
-The word “sounds” in the title has an asterix because it DOES have custom sounds. However I’m not talking about the sounds of the special ability, unfortunately. Those are hardcoded.
-Spawn name: torero2




Sooo interesting :))

Link Download :