Download Perrera Beach Motel 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Perrera Beach Motel 1.0

Just rolled into town but don’t have the cash for a fancy hotel or have access to a big-time Penthouse apartment? Need a nice, clean and comfortable spot to duck out for a few hours or days with someone special? Need somewhere to be ‘low-profile’ ’til things blow over? Well Infinity Group has just what you’re looking for in Los Santos’ own ‘Pererra Beach Motel!’

Try a nice, clean and comforable motel room with everything you need! Located one block away from the famous ‘Bahama Mamas’ nightclub, a brief walk to the Del Perro Bluffs across the road, a five-minute walk to the Del Perro Pier and movie theaters, restaurants and stores all around, your days and nights will be full of wonderful activites! So when you just want to relax, try the lovely pool no motel would be complete without! Contact your travel Agent, nearest Infinity Group Representative or go online to book a comfortable stay in exciting Los Santos that won’t break your wallet!


Map Builder Discovery


Place the Perrera Beach Motel XML file into Menyoo’s ‘Spooner’ folder.


Just walk up to Motel Room 11’s door and you’ll be teleported inside. the bathroom door works normally.

This is an AI-friendly space though they won’t teleport in with you.




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