Download Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC 1.3 – Screenshots and Description:

Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC 1.3


This version was inspired by The original model Game. I took a good look at it and found a few things I wanted to replicate. They are little things that the average gamer wouldn’t notice, And I’m still not done. I just wanted to get this out For posterity. Thanks to Codemasters for “DiRT Rally” and the endless hours of education and fun that I’ve been experiencing. And Thanks to all of you that enjoy these mods, You make it worth it.


-fixed steering wheel rotation.
-fixed light textures
-fixed interior window tint
-Changed carbon materials
-fixed seat normal mapping
-Added belt material
-Finished missing geometry on rollcage where windscreen breaks out.
-fixed passenger seating position
-Adjusted Handling per IKT suggestion.
-Added French style license plate (Los Santos version) I did this via geometry so you dont have to replace any vehshare files.
-Moved boot locks to the bodyshell
-Cleaned up the geometry around the window weather seals
-replaced windshield wipers with high detailed geo version
-remapped emblem on the grille.
-Enabled Paint:2 on roll cage. now accompanies wheels.


-Editing and conversion done by Locotomb.
-Original Car File for Dirt Rally.
-Custom Dials
-Dirt mapped
-Broken Windows (Don’t worry, they’re not electric)
-Too much too list….

This is another mod strait from the archives of Dirt Rally. I know you people don’t like Rally cars all that much but this was a special request, and it turned out pretty good I think. Anyways I hope all ten of you enjoy. I know I have been ??

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P.S. all the rally tuning parts are under extras/Components. AND!!!
you can paint the rims…Paint #2

Where to install

A. OpenIV > GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks
1. Copy p306 folder to dlcpacks

B. OpenIV > GTA V > mods > update > update.rpf > common > data >
1. Edit dlclist.xml in OpenIV or extract to a text editor of your choice.
2. Copy and paste the next line to the end of the list. (Be careful not to mess it up)


C. open with trainer…..P306



Download mod

File File size


30 MB



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