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Peugeot 404 + Taxi [Add-On / Replace | Tuning | Template | LODS] 1.0

The Peugeot 404 is a large family car produced by French automobile manufacturer Peugeot from 1960 to 1975 (Styled by Pininfarina). The 404 was manufactured in various African countries until 1991 (in Kenya) and was manufactured in Argentina until 1980. (Also in Canada, Chile and Australia).

Special credits, once again to iksr, who provided me the very nice model.

ADD-ON version TUNING:
a) Benny’s
-Interior color can be changed (PAINT6)
-Livery options with some linked tuning parts:
Old vintage French plates, 3xTAXI Livery (Buenos Aires, Paris, and my home city of Dubrovnik), Tour de France (This car was part of it for 12 years), and 1967 East African Safari Rally (Peugeot 404 won that race 4 times). It can all be combined with roof mods.
-There is also blank livery mod for those that want to make own livery (blank texture you can replace with yours – there is a template)

b) Los Santos Customs
– Body-Colored Headlight Frames (Some models had that instead of chrome frames)
– Roof mods: Roof Rack, Roof Rack with “Peugeot” bicycles (goes with Tour de France Livery), and Roof Rack with extra wheels (it can go with Rally Livery if you like)

EXTRA 5, and EXTRA 6 make breakable “TAXI” sign, and old taximeter. It never spawn, but you can bring it manual and combine with TAXI livery. Roof tuning parts and some livery mods would turn those extras off.

REPLACE versions:
There are two. Stanier and Taxi. I included some extra textures for Taxi, if you want to change. You can also make your own, there is a template.

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For all versions of the car: breakable glass,dirt,dust,scratches,damage,burnt,inner glass does not turn black after upgrade…etc.
Also, the dials are very correct and show the speed in km/h (up to 160). The Add-On version has white dials (like the original vehicle) and the replace versions have red ones (I couldn’t change).
All LODs are mapped so livery will not disappear with the distance.
Highest LOD is somewhat high, but other LODs are lowpolly enaugh, performance in traffic should be fine.


high ….. 229.549
low……… 3.360
and very low…694 polygons

high ….. 248.852
low……… 1.485
and very low…449 polygons

high ….. 247.990
low……… 1.685
and very low…449 polygons

Installation instructions in folders with the file.






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rarPeugeot_ 404_naj

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