Here I bring you in a new vehicle of the civil guard traffic grouping, This vehicle incorporates a bridge of lights of the Federal Signal Vama brand Vista Strobos model with integration of Traffic advisor, lights control, scene lights and auxiliary lights LP ( Paré light). In addition to including the new labeling that they use in most of their new vehicles


If you use this mod you accept:
– This “MOD” will be used privately
– This “MOD” will not be uploaded to other web pages that allow access to this mod, if you do, you must create a hyperlink that redirects to the download of my
MOD and under my permission.
– No lucrative actions are allowed with this “MOD” For parts of Seconds and
– Use is not allowed on FiveM servers
– In case of creating a painjob, if you want to publish it you must ask permission.

– In case of breaking the rules, I will not take Legal measures, If necessary,
He will report the Mod, you only risk deleting the Mod and not uploading anything else, you have to be responsible.
– I am not responsible if the game is damaged. If you are not sure how to install a mod, do not install anything and ask for help.


Use OpenIV to install the vehicle
Go to mods x64e.rpf levels gta5 vehicles.rpf and import the files located in the folder




Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Link Download :

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