The Peugeot Pars (originally Peugeot Persia) is an automobile model of the major manufacturer in Iranian, Iran Khodro. After 12 years of manufacturing the Peugeot 405 at Iran Khodro, the Peugeot Persia was designed as a restyling of the Peugeot 405. Peugeot Persia was quickly renamed Peugeot Pars because of copyright issues.



[[first stage]]
Copy the parskh folder to / update / x64 / dlcpacks.

[[second stage]]
Go to mods / update /update.rpf / commondata, then find the dlclist.xml file.
Edit it and add this text (( dlcpacks:/parskh/ ))
(like the rest of the code and exactly below) And then save it

V1.1(Update) : new lights – New chair texture – new pelak – bugs fixed



Hopping you love this Mod ! Enjoy it now :]]

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