DT SWAT Interior Fix 1.2 is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) created by the PEV Team. The mod fixes issues with the SWAT team functioning properly when inside interiors in the game. The mod addresses problems such as SWAT units not spawning correctly, freezing outside interiors unless a door is opened, invisible SWAT members, and SWAT helicopters not rappelling properly. The mod also includes updates and tweaks to various interiors in the game. The installation involves running the provided .OIV package. The mod is available for download and is 890 KB in size.

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PEV: DT SWAT Interior Fix 1.2

PEV: DT SWAT Interior Fix 1.2

=== About Project Enhancement V ===
“PEV is a collection of modifications to enhance Grand Theft Auto V without the use of scripts with many hours formulating ideas, conducting analytical researches, investigations, and tests, as well as working around the limits through every loophole we can possibly find to push the game’s native files to its limits.”

=== About DT SWAT Interior Fix ===
“A modification provided by the PEV TEAM for SWAT to function properly when inside an interior.”

=== In-Depth Information ===
So some of you may have noticed or some of you have not, but since the release of Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar has either left a bug or a feature half implemented for interiors. It seems as if the attempt of making cops wait outside and for swat to rush in was the idea, but looks like the idea was scrapped and made DT_PoliceAutomobile ignore the flags set by those interiors. However, DT_SwatAutomobile and DT_SwatHelicopter continues to read the flags and causes the issues listed below,

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– DT_SwatAutomobile will spawn at half the amount of units at 3 stars defined in dispatch.meta, with 4 increasing them, and 5 allowing the amount of units to be maxed out defined in dispatch.meta
– DT_SwatAutomobile peds will de-load and freeze outside the interior, unless a portal (a door or a window with a clear view) is exposed to the exterior; Rendering Swats unable to push inside interiors unless a cop opens the door first.
– Certain interiors have certain flags ticked on, causing DT_SwatAutomobile to spawn in differently. (In some cases, only half the amount of peds in each DT_SwatAutomobile vehicle.)
– Due to DT_SwatAutomobile peds de-loading there are cases of invisible swats that have not loaded back properly for whatever reason.
– If DT_SwatHelicopter are in the process of rappelling, and if the player enters an interior, the task will abruptly stop due to DT_SwatHelicopter peds de-loading. If the player exits an interior, the same DT_SwatHelicopter peds will load back in, and fall to their deaths.

However, upon a few months of off and on investigating, the source of the issue was found, and successfully patched for almost every interior in the game allowing DT_SwatAutomobile and DT_SwatHelicopter to function properly with notable changes in behaviors as listed below,

– DT_SwatAutomobile can now drive to your location, deploy, and proceed on-foot without freezing. (deloading).
– DT_SwatHelicopter can now rappel properly when inside an interior, and on-foot rappelled units will no longer despawn entirely.
– Fixes only some bugs related to ghost peds wielding guns due to SWAT loading back from de-loading not properly.

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=== Installation ===
1.) Run, and install the .OIV package provided in the winrar file.
2.) Go and play.
For MLO mods, please read this. If the interior has room flags other then flag 96, and flag 100, expect DT_SWATAUTOMOBILE to not function properly with the issues listed above occurring.

Build 06-12-2022
– Touched up some parts of the Zancudo Tower. Removed unwanted flags.
– Fixed recycling plant interior. Removed unwanted flags.

Release 1.2.0
– Touched up some parts of the FIB upper floor office interiors. Removed unwanted flags.

Release 1.1.0
– Touched up some parts of the sewer system. Removed unwanted flags.

Release 1.0.1
– Minor tweaks to .OIV. Updated Information. For those who have downloaded release 1.0, this does not matter.

Release 1.0


The PEV Team
Thanks Yorpie, for helping me get off my ass to fix this issue and for him listing the interiors needing to be fixed.

Download mod

File File size
PEV DT_SWAT Fix for Interiors 06-12-2022
890 KB

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