Download Pfister Apollo [Add-On | Tuning | Sounds] 0.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Pfister Apollo [Add-On | Tuning | Sounds] 0.1

No car has ever come as close to being East Berlin as the Pfister Apollo. German, but maybe not the kind you were hoping for. It is a Pfister, but it’s the other Pfister. The one you walk up to, force a grin, and sigh as you slump in to the seat and pray for it to turn over, only to take it out for coffee and a single self-loathing money shift as you try to justify the maintenance. Despite their best effort to create a cosmic collection of models, Pfister hardly reached for the stars with this car. Instead, this Apollo was comfortable just inside the atmosphere – attainable performance for clueless youth and irresponsible mid-lifers. While it won’t make you young, sexy, or rich, it’ll convince the girl at work you’ve at least got money to blow.

Custom wheels.
Many tunings.
Dirt Mapping.
Breakable Glass.
Custom Sounds.
Many more tunings.
Addon Wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1: “Can I use this mod on my FiveM Server ?”
A1: “Yes”

Q2: “How long did this mod take you to make ?”
A2: “Forever. So long infact that it made me actually buy one irl”

Version 0.1 – Initial Release.

Installation Instructions in the .zip


13Stewartc: Helped with workflow
Tepig: Sounds & Spawn Colours
SilentSoul: Sketch Inspiration
Daerius: Sketch Inspiration
ItsJustCurtis: Addon
Deadman23: Bumpers
Boywond: Spoilers
Eddlm: Handling

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