Hi guys…
This is a separate version of GrandPro Racer. I did not make it a package version update for several reasons.
For GrandPro Racer package version is still available, but I don’t know it will crash if it is installed with a separate version, so let me know in the comments column when you find a problem. 🙂

Pfister Comet R-1S [Add-on Tuning] 1.1 - 1

Changelog :
– released a separate version
– add some livery
– model name “cometgpr”
– change some tuning mods from the package version
– changed handling which top speed is too high
– add some livery

thank you very much to:
-Rockstar Games for car models
-Eddlm to teach and assist me in making car handling
VanillaWorks team helps me in modding like lore-friendly decals especially TheSecretPower (because most of my livery decal comes from him).


Pfister Comet R-1S [Add-on Tuning] 1.1 - 2  Pfister Comet R-1S [Add-on Tuning] 1.1 - 3

Pfister Comet R-1S [Add-on Tuning] 1.1 - 4

Pfister Comet R-1S [Add-on Tuning] 1.1 - 5

How To Install 

– copy folder “cometgpr” into:

– open OpenIV

– drop out dlclist.xml file in update.rpf to desktop:

– then add this text before :


– drop in dlclist.xml into update.rpf


Thanks for download!

Link Download : https://dl1.9gtamods.com/index.php?act=dl&id=1571414066

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