Download Pfister Comet R-20 and Comet SR-20 [Add-On] 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Pfister Comet R-20 and Comet SR-20 [Add-On] 1.0

This is my third version of the Comet mod that focuses on racing style, although I myself have never seen a racing car in real life LOL ??


– Just LOD 0
– Have 2 version car (from standart Comet and Comet SR)
– Dirtmap
– Have Livery

Some Bug:

– because this is a mixture of several comet models, there may be some parts that look mismatched or cut off.


– Open readme.txt to installation
– To spawn cars with trainer seen in Super > Comet R-20 and Comet SR-20 (Spawn Name com20gpr and com21gpr)


– Rockstars Games for basic car components
– TheSecretPower, Daerius, Boywond, Eddlm, 13Stewartc, Northwind_JME and all friends from Vanilla Works Team for the decals that I used in my livery, advice and teaching to making mods like handling, collision, Uvmap, etc.
– and sorry if I didn’t mention specifically who helped me make this mods (such as tuning parts, handling, etc.) because I haven’t touched this mod for several months (more precisely the end of 2020) and made me completely forget, I’m very sorry.

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