Download Pickup Bed Camper Shell 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Pickup Bed Camper Shell 1.0

Hello and Thank you For Downloading this DEV part. I hope it helps give more depth to your project.

I have left the part in a somewhat big state in regards to texturing to hopefully make it easier for anyone that wants to remove certain parts that they do not want.

This DOES NOT COME with a uv map template. It is left like this so you may add it to your truck project or uv map it as you choose to want it.

You may NOT UPLOAD this to any other Website in a UNLOCKED State. You may use this for a project of your own however it is to remain locked.

This Model is provided to you AS IS, as in I will not be fixing/adjusting adding to it. Its unlocked to give you the freedom to tweak it to your liking.

Please provide the below credits in you’re upload. This was made by someone and converted by me to GTA 5. Least that could be done is give credit to the person for taking the time to create this.


Camper Shell:
-3d Model Created by “None”
-Object Textured by “Thero”
-Object Converted to GTA 5 by “Thero”



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