The new year has arrived it’s time for a fresh start also it’s time for a new article covering 2 main topics!
Let’s take a look back at what Animaker’s 2021 has done.
What are our ambitions and goals for 2022?
Truly unbelievable
to start a new journey, we’ve delivered some of the KEY FEATURES we promised at the beginning of the year! And with your support, we’ve also achieved some really BIG milestones in our careers!

Some events in 2021 will help Animaker have a successful year

1. Tremendous development

Has reached the milestone of 15 million Animaker users! Animaker took up to 5 years to reach its first 5 million users. But with only 2 years later we had an additional 10 million users.

It was unbelievable but we did it. It was a worthy achievement after so many days of our efforts.

2. G2 has given Animaker more than 10 awards!

We are delighted to receive positive reviews from users.
But when these rave reviews ended up on trusted review hosting sites like G2 Crowd, we felt elated.
This year Animaker has the honor of being crowned by G2 as the most favorite character of the audience and it is a great honor.

3. Animaker is now ISO 27001 CERTIFIED!

After earning the personal trust of millions of users, we also focused on earning the professional ones too!
In 2021, we crossed off another box on our security checklist and earned our ISO 27001 Certification.
What this means is, Animaker is a safe haven. You don’t have to break a sweat worrying about security EVER again.

4. Get more trust from top brands!

In addition to adding 5 Million new users in 2021, Animaker also onboarded 100s of Global companies in its Enterprise portfolio.
Here are some of the major brands that decided to use Animaker Enterprise to power their content creation engine.

Animaker’s in-store innovations in 2022?

1. New “Comments” section for faster sharing and feedback

With a massive increase in remote-based work in the last two years, we were focused on providing a platform for our users to communicate easily.
This led to the introduction of the Comments Section!

2. Remove background for video

Warning! What you read next might sound IMPOSSIBLE, but Animaker 2.0 makes it possible!
Removing Backgrounds from a video will not be complicated anymore!
You neither need to learn sophisticated professional software nor spend long hours removing background from a video!
Just a few taps using our Background Video Removal will do the trick!

3. Plus size characters will be available soon

We are all ears when it comes to user feedback!
Last year, one of the common requests from our users was to add the Plus Size Characters.
So our experts have been busy in Animaker Labs perfecting the characters!
Here’s a sneak peek for you!

And there are many more changes, we will update you soon. Above are some changes we will update as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait long.


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