Download Player Can’t Be Dragged Out 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Player Can't Be Dragged Out 1.1

With this simple script you can’t get dragged out of for example cars.

You need the lastest version of the tool Script Hook V by Alexander Blade in order for this mod to work.

With script hook installed, just put the PlayerCanNotBeDraggedOut.asi file into your GTA5 folder where your GTA5.exe is located. Remove it again to remove the mods feature. Note that the mod is disabled when going online into multiplayer.

New to .rar?
Download and install winrar and then right click on the .rar file and extract the .asi and .ini files. (choose the one with x64)

The mod is based upon the Native Trainer by Alexander Blade. All I have done is removing features/code and added this small feature.

–Now also works when switching between characters and other events were the system turns dragging back on. Just replace the old .asi file.



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