This is British Ford Focus Wagon 2019 Demonstrator Vehicle (ELS) – the Amazing police Mod, no more words! 

Please do not redistribute under any circumstances.

If you have any issues then don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments and they will be rectified. Feel free to release skins for it and feel free to use it in communities and in videos (because I am not an arse like that). Cheers and have fun.


Model Purchased – RTaylor / XENON
Model Lowered – XENON
Model Fixed – XENON
Model Converted – XENON
Skin – XENON
Setup – XENON
Whelen Justice 7MOD – AdrianK
Whelen Justice 7MOD Textures – ObsidianGames
Whelen TIR3 – AdrianK
Whelen Spitfire – AdrianK
Screenshots – Cakeziller / EthanM




Amazing !

Link Download :