Policemod 2 GTA V features:

We all have been playing GTA games for a while now. From the very beginning to GTA V we have always troubled the law enforcement by causing chaos in the city. We started fighting police officers in the middle of the road and engaged a few vehicles as well. All that thrill was amazing but have you ever felt like being the police officer and arresting the criminals and keeping the area safe? If you have dreamt about it then your wishes have come true as modders have launched the Policemod 2 for GTA V where you can dress up as a police officer and fight the criminals and choose the emergency calls to intercept.

Variety of reinforcement kits are available so you can choose to style your avatar yourself and get on with the duty to save the city.

  • TO start your game as a police officer you need to get to the police station and chose your favorite character. There are plenty of options available so you can choose from the normal police office to the FBI agent.
  • After choosing the avatar, you get the option to choose your favorite vehicle to patrol the streets.
  • The mod is so realistic that if you find someone suspicious you can go to that person and ask for personal identification. If the person is legit, the information with his or her name and bio will pop up on the screen. You can also cross-check the information with system inventory record and the avatar will actually make some calls to investigate in the right way.
  • Policemod 2 can provide ongoing criminal activity over the radio and you can choose whether you want to intercept or not. There are different cases like robbery, suspect pursuit, auto thefts, and murders. You get to arrest the criminals in real-time and put the guilty person behind bars.
  • Policemod 2 also lets you call for the backup. If you are chasing a vehicle you feel that you are about to lose the suspect you can always call for backup and patrol vehicles and police helicopter will rush towards you and you will surely apprehend the culprit in no time. 
  • Radio chatter and emergency dispatch lifts up the spirit of the whole policeman gaming mode and give the gameplay more realistic touch.
  • Few things to look out for are:
    • Get to know the controls of the mods so you can make right calls at the time of emergency situations
    • For script modification, you can use Script hook v.
    • You can also have a dog as reinforcement.

If you wanted to try something new and really want to enjoy the gameplay then policemod 2 is one of the best things that ever happened in GTA V. Your job starts from exact 9 am and you get to leave the office by 5. You need to ensure everyone is following the law and the city is safe for common citizens.

– Controls – 

– F5 – Menu Duty
– F6 – Backup Menu
– F3 – Realistic Duty
– BUSY TOGGLE press jJ
– Aim & Press E to arrest
– Shift to pull over
– Space, Backspace, Enter
– Up, Down, Left, Right



How to install:

First make sure you have scripthook v installed aswell as scripthook dot net and have all the requirements noted above.
Drag ALL files in the PoliceMod zip file to your grand theft auto v main directory scripts folder. /scripts/
This means ALL Files, the ini file, asi file, and sound files. All files must be in there in order to work.


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