My first release has been remastered! With a new base model from Forza Motorsport 7, this update contains a complete overhaul for this vehicle!
New materials, new textures, new equipment, new template, the list goes on!
Copy this line and paste in the Vehicles.META where the Audio Hash sits.
Post some pictures and videos down below of you guys using this car on your patrols!
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Model by Turn 10 Studios, extracted by tk0wnz
Converted to GTA V, interior mapped, and templated by BlueGhost

No functioning dials

Known Bugs:

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A: No.
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A: If it’s a bug, then yes. If it’s anything else, then please make a comment stating whatever else you need help with.


Whelen Avengers: 0taku
Golden Eagle Radar: HDgamerzPC
Generic Dashlight: Bueno
Partition: Twurtleee
WatchGuard 4RE: CAP’N CRUNCH
Buttons n’ Switches: Walters
Glock 18: Chernobyl Terrorist Attack, Srsaer
MedBag & StopStick: Vertex3D

Scratch Modeled Parts:
Phantom Quickdraw Holster
iPad Pro with Floor Mount
SpeedTech Lights Interior Package
Generic Lighting Panel
License Plate Frame
Firebird Air Freshener





Let me know your thought, please 🙂

Link Download :