Download Popgroups Editor V 0.2 – Screenshots and Description:

Popgroups Editor V 0.1

I made this program for editing popgroups.ymt files , as they are very hard to edit manually.

1- put the popgroups.ymt in the same directory as the exe
2- open PopGroups Editor.exe
3- Click on parse (this will make the program parse data from your file
4- then you can choose the location in the combobox, it will show you all cars that can spawn in the location you choosed
5- you have 2 buttons : Add car and remove car.
you can add a car to the list by putting it’s dlc name or removing cars by choosing it in the combobox and clicking remove cars.
It works with both in game and modded cars

Note: “Peds” tab is not done yet

Release 0.2 -> Hotfix + ped tab


n4hdha -> Main dev
mcal9909 -> helper

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