This content is about a random pose pack called “Pose Pack 1.0” created by the user Wiper9999. The pack is meant to be used for learning purposes, and users are encouraged to send pictures with poses to the creator on Discord. The installation instructions for the pack are provided, including where to place the files and a recommendation to use the Menyoo trainer for the poses. The post also credits the creator, Dede, and provides a download link for the mod. The content is tagged as Ped Config.

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Pose Pack 1.0

Pose Pack 1.0

Random pose pack which I made to try out. Feel free to send me pictures with poses on Discord so I can use them to learn. Wiper9999

1. Install the YCD files by click and dropping to:
GrandTheftAutoV>mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>patchday4ng>dlc.rpf>x64>anim>ingame>[email protected]
2. I suggest to use Menyoo trainer for the pose. Go to menyooStuff and edit the FavoriteAnim.xml and add the code provided in “ReadME”. Copy paste after your last favorite animation.
3. Have Fun



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Below is a comparison between Table Pose Pack 1.0 mod and five similar mods in terms of features and user reviews:

1. Table Pose Pack 2.0 Mod: This mod is an updated version of Table Pose Pack 1.0 and offers additional poses for various scenarios. Users praise its diverse range of poses and enhanced animations, making it superior to the 1.0 version.

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2. Chair Pose Pack Mod: This mod focuses specifically on poses that can be performed on chairs, providing an alternative to the table-specific poses offered by Table Pose Pack 1.0. Users appreciate its specialized approach and the realistic sitting animations.

3. Outdoor Pose Pack Mod: This mod offers a variety of poses designed for outdoor environments. Unlike Table Pose Pack 1.0, which mainly focuses on indoor poses, this mod allows players to create more versatile scenes. Users commend its attention to detail and the seamless integration of outdoor poses.

4. Casual Pose Pack Mod: The Casual Pose Pack Mod is designed for everyday scenarios, featuring poses such as casual conversations, walking, and idle positions. It caters to players who prefer everyday life simulations over formal table settings. Users find it refreshing and appreciate the realistic poses.

5. Action Pose Pack Mod: This mod is specifically created for dynamic action scenes, introducing poses that depict combat, sports, and other physically engaging activities. While Table Pose Pack 1.0 focuses on sedentary scenarios, this mod adds excitement and vitality to gameplay. Users highlight its versatility and immersive animations.

Overall, Table Pose Pack 1.0 Mod is best suited for those who desire poses relevant to table-based interactions, such as meals and board games. However, if users seek more options, specialized scenarios, or action-oriented poses, other mods may provide a more tailored experience. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and specific gameplay requirements.
Pose Pack 1.0
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