This post is about a pose pack mod for the game FiveM. The mod requires the dpemotes mod for FiveM players, while SP players can use different mods such as Menyoo or custom-animations. The instructions for installation are provided in a readme.txt file, and there is a tutorial on the author’s discord server. The mod file can be downloaded and the credits go to Eagle. The post also mentions that the mod is tagged with animation. The file size of the mod is 22 KB.

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Pose Pack #5 V1.0

Pose Pack #5 V1.0

1. Install the mod. A readme.txt file is present for the lines of code, and how to install.

For FiveM players, you need to use the dpemotes mod.

For SP players, you can use several different mods to use the animations, including Menyoo which is quite popular, or custom-animations. You install the mod, and drag the files into the folder. A detailed tutorial is on my discord server in how-to-install.

In the case of an installation for SP, you take the lines of code from the README.txt and you insert them afterwards in FavouriteAnims.xml which is located in the menyooStuff folder



Download mod

File File size
Wolfs Square Free Pose Pack 05
22 KB

Tagged Animation

To accurately compare Table Pose Pack #5 V1.0 Mod with other similar mods, we would need more specific information about the other mods in question. However, here are a few general aspects that could be compared:

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1. Number and variety of poses: Check how many poses are included in each mod and the variety they offer. Are there different categories or themes? Table Pose Pack #5 V1.0 might have a specific focus or a unique set of poses that differentiate it from other similar mods.

2. Quality of animations: Assess the quality of the animations in each mod. Look for smooth transitions, realistic movements, and attention to detail. This aspect is subjective and can vary from mod to mod.

3. Compatibility and requirements: Verify if the mod is compatible with the game version you are using and if it requires any additional mods or software to work properly. Some mods might have specific requirements or be limited to certain versions of the game.

4. User reviews and feedback: Look for user reviews or feedback about each mod. Check forums, gaming communities, or websites dedicated to modding to see what other players think about a specific mod. This can provide insight into the popularity and satisfaction level of each mod.

5. Developer support and updates: Consider the developer’s commitment to updating and maintaining the mod. Are there regular updates, bug fixes, or new content released? Developer support can ensure the mod remains compatible and enjoyable over time.

Ultimately, the decision on which mod is the best fit for you will depend on your personal preferences, the specific features you are looking for, and how well the mod integrates within your gameplay experience.
Pose Pack #5 V1.0
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