Download Pragmatic Callouts – LSPDFR Plugin 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Pragmatic Callouts - LSPDFR Plugin 1.1

PragmaticCallouts V.
PragmaticCallouts is a project by SuperPyroManiac and sEbi3, which is containing realistic callouts. In this pack are callouts for detectives with stories and realistic handling callouts like accidents and much more.

(For a full list, check out the “Current Callouts” category below)
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NOTE: Keep the version up to date! (Current Version:

1) Copy the files “PragmaticCallouts.dll and PragmaticCallouts.ini” in: “GTA V directorypluginsLSPDFR”.
2) You can now go on duty!

• LSPDFR 0.4.7 (or higher)
• RagePluginHook 1.78 (or higher)
• Stop The Ped
• UltimateBackup
• Open All Interiors
• A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail or Steam)

• Adds several and different dialogs and stories in the pack.
• Callouts for detective and police agencies.
• Different endings and possibilities for every callout.
• In this pack are currently 8 callouts for LSPDFR. (See the callouts below)
• Hotkeys for dialogs and force your current callout to end. (Have a look into the .ini to change them)
? “Y” for speaking to a suspect.
? “END” to force a callout to end.
• Version checker to let you know, if there is a new version out for PragmaticCallouts.
• You can enable/disable the callouts you want in the .ini .

1) Car Accident – Respond to a car accident and try to control the situation.
2) FIB (Murder) – Someone was killed and the FIB is going to find and arrest the murder.
3) FIB (Drugs) – Two well known members of a gang are dealing some drugs and the FIB is going to find them and try to arrest the members.
4) FIB (Hostages) – A group of criminals took hostages. The “Hostage Rescue Team” is going to rescue the hostages and try to arrest the criminals.
5) Helicopter (Escorting a S.W.A.T team) – You need to escort a S.W.A.T team with a helicopter to their mission.
6) Welfare Check – Someone called the police for a welfare check.
7) Hit and Run – Investigate a hit and run.
7) Hit and Run – Investigate a hit and run.
8) Knife Attack – Someone attacking people in a train station.

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sEbi3 & SuperPyroManiac

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