This content is about custom praying animations for the game Grand Theft Auto V. These animations can be played through the menyoo mod. To install, the “notoftheworld” folder should be placed in the GTAV/mods/update/x64/dlcpack directory, and the dlclist.xml file should be edited to include the line “dlcpacks:notoftheworld“. Additionally, in the GTAV/menyooSTUFF/FavoriteAnims.xml file, the lines “” should be added. The mod file size is 14 KB.

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Praying Animations

Praying Animations

These are custom praying animations which can be played through menyoo.

Install “notoftheworld” folder as a dlc in GTAV/mods/update/x64/dlcpack

Then, make sure to add < Item>dlcpacks:notoftheworld < /Item > to your dlclist.xml

Next, In GTAV/menyooSTUFF/FavoriteAnims.xml

< Anim name=”base” dict=”[email protected]”/ >
< Anim name=”base” dict=”[email protected]”/ >



Credit to MissySnowie for donating time/help to make these animations

Download mod

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Praying Animations Mod
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1. Animated Prayer – This mod adds realistic and subtle animations to the praying process. It includes different prayer poses, animations for bowing, and kneeling. However, it may lack some of the variety and customization options offered by Table Praying Animations Mod.

2. Divine Intervention – This mod focuses on enhancing the religious aspects of the game. It introduces new religious events, quests, and interactions with deities. While it does not specifically focus on praying animations, players can still participate in various religious rituals and ceremonies.

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3. Religious Animations – This mod aims to improve the overall immersion of religious activities by adding detailed animations for praying and worshipping. It includes customized animations for different religions, such as Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. However, it may have limited compatibility with other religious-themed mods.

4. Prayer Tweak – Unlike Table Praying Animations Mod, Prayer Tweak focuses on adjusting the mechanics and effects of prayers in the game. It allows players to customize the duration, intensity, and rewards of their prayers. While it does not offer visual animations, it provides more control over the prayer mechanic.

5. Worshipper’s Paradise – This mod offers a comprehensive overhaul of religious gameplay. It introduces new shrines, temples, and prayer mechanics. It allows players to join various religious factions and gain benefits through their devotion. However, Table Praying Animations Mod may offer more visually engaging and immersive praying animations compared to Worshipper’s Paradise.
Praying Animations
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