The garage mostly sells high-cost sports cars and tuned vehicles. Franklin and Lamar are the repo men that take high end vehicles. They got fired eventually, when they kill the owner of the bike they were repossessing (rendering the assets void) and Lamar subsequently stealing the bike, and when Michael orders Franklin to drive through the dealership windows after being caught repossessing Jimmy’s BeeJay XL, in the mission Complications. Premium Deluxe Motorsport is located just west (on the same block) as the Ammu-Nation with range in Pillbox Hill.

Just inside the door of the Power Street entrance is a reception desk with a computer, mouse and keyboard. Behind it is a wall bearing the dealership’s logo and a circular table and chairs. To the left of the desk is a glass table, leather couches, a plant and a wall-mounted plasma television.

Near a neon sign displaying the dealership’s logo are two wooden shelves. On them are Motion Lotion shampoos and conditioners, U Lube It cleaners and oil additivies and folded shirts bearing vehicle brands. In the repair garage there are shelves, paint cans, toolkits (most of them with the Power Metal logo), tool boards, fire extinguishers and a health pack.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport serves as the the main hub for starting missions given by Simeon. It is first introduced to the player in the mission, Franklin and Lamar. Along with Repossession, Complications, and a random event.

After the events of the mission, Complications, Premium Deluxe Motorsport closes down, and comes under investigation for loan scams and high interest rate financing. Simeon told police that the incident (Complications) was purely an accident, and not a disgruntled customer; according to a Weazel News radio segment.

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Despite being closed down, Simeon is seen running the business during a Business Battle in GTA Online, which is set in 2018.


This mod brings Car Dealership into GTA V. Adds Unlimited Choice of Colors, Customize Plate Number, Test Drive and Preview.




1. Make sure you have all the Requirements Installed.
2. Extract, Drag and Drop the contents into ‘scripts’ Folder. Create one if you don’t have it.
3. Profit.

Up – Menu Up
Down – Menu Down
Enter/Return – Accept
Esc/Backspace – Cancel
Parachute Brake Left – Open Vehicle Doors
Parachute Brake Right – Close Vehicle Doors
Context – Activate Menu
Headlight – Lower/Raise Roof for Convertible vehicles
Spacebar – Switch Camera

Download Links:

 4.4.5 (current) :