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President Speech Assassination

This is another map creation for the President speech, you can go to the White House and see the conference they making, the people there all are pedestrians except the security and the polices or army they are against you, if you shoot there will be a mess, polices at the stage they are not allowed to use real pistols but stun gun except the securities that protect the president so becareful (remove the invisible mod) for roleplay, and in the street they have real ammos.

I didn’t add too many peds because it can cause lagging, so if you want you can modify, I think there are enough to have fun.

To install this mod first download Map Editor latest version here:
Extract my xml script ( pres.xml ) to GTA V root or into “AutoloadMaps” folder inside “Script” folder.
Big Thanks going to the #Guadmaz for creating such as mods that allow us to create our world.






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