The “Pride Not Prejudice” billboard ads V2.0 feature four new ads in San Andreas and Los Santos. Inspired by the game’s radio commercials, the billboards have fitting design and colors. There is one billboard in the countryside and three in the city. Each billboard has realistic poster paper, discoloration, dirt, and weathering effects. There are different options for the level of dirt and damage on the billboards. The update includes fixes and adjustments, as well as a new icon and rearranged icons. The billboards have been made more realistic with brighter colors and better dirt and weathering effects.

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“Pride Not Prejudice” Billboard ads V2.0

"Pride Not Prejudice" Billboard ads V2.0

“Pride, Not Prejudice. Commit farmyard sodomy, make drugs, drink grain alcohol and drive at high speed….”
“The shooter we’ve all been waiting for” just got 4 new billboard ads in San Andreas and Los Santos!
You can listen and read the texts of the radio commercials here:

-Inspired by the game’s radio commercials!
-With fitting in design and colors!
-4 different billboard ads:
One in the countryside (Alamo/Salton Sea) and three in the city (Rockford/Beverly Hills, La Puerta/San Pedro and the Airport area)!
-With realistic poster paper, discoloration, dirt and weathering effects, different for each billboard!
-5 options for the Salton Sea billboard: Clean, light dirt, medium dirt 1, medium dirt 2 or with heavy dirt and damage effects!
-2 options for every city billboard: Clean or with light dirt effects!
-Airport billboard is optionally combined with my previously released mods “NOOSE to DHS Airport Office” or
“NOOSE Airport Branch improved sign”!
-Full LODs!
-Easy installation (backup is included)!
-Dare to go South?…

v.1.0: Initial release.
v.2.0: -Replaced the Noose icon with a Hammer & Sickle icon (How did I miss that in the first place?…)
-Rearranged the Lamp chops icon.
-Various smaller but essential fixes and adjustments.
-New poster paper, dirt and weathering effects different for each billboard:
-3 parts poster effect instead of 2 for even better realism.
-Brighter colors for all billboards both close and in distance.
-“Light dirt” effects are now more discreet.
-“Heavy dirt” and weathering / damage effects are now more intense but again
-Removed the second “Medium dirt” option for Alamo/Salton Sea billboard & added a
“Heavy dirt” option.
Please see the included Options.jpg for all the billboards options.

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“Pride Not Prejudice” Billboard ads V2.0
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