Download Project Batman [ALPHA] 1.9 – Screenshots and Description:

Project Batman [ALPHA] 1.9

Important Announcement:
Sorry for leaving this mod in the dark for almost 3 months, was really busy with my real life stuff and Youtube.Please remember that I’m doing this for free of cost and as a hobby. Hope you guys understand my situation. Amazing stuff coming soon, thanks for 12K downloads ChangeLog
• 01/02/2016: Added support for the latest version scripthookVdotnet (V2.4)
• 09/17/2015: Updated the mod to the latest version of scripthookVdotnet (V2.2)
• 09/08/2015: Updated the mod to the latest version of (V2.1) and getting the script ready for some missions!
• 08/31/2015 : Added Batpod and the Ability to call it whenever by pressing “O” key. Installation notes is updated with instructions on how to Install the batpod. (Look at line 6 of the installation instructions).

Batpod Demo:

• 08/24/2015 : Various crash fixes and also fixed an issue where you cannot go out of first-person view in Batwing.
• 08/23/2015 :Project Batman Alpha V1.0 release!

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT press the “Insert” key when you have Batsuit On, Insert key is the hotkey to reload all .Net scripts and it’s gonna fuck everything up like for example creating multiple capes and stuff ??

• Script, Batpod and Batsuit Textures by GtaGamer222 (Youtube.Com/GtaGamer2222)
• Mask, cape, Batmobile and Batwing Converted by israelsr ( This guy is awesome!

Thanks to my friends LetsPlayOrDy, jedijosh920 , ZyDevs for helping me whenever I got lost :]
Also thanks to all the opensource mods really helped me learn alot thanks! :]

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P.S I tried my best to make the cape not glitch the fuck out, I’m very pleased with the results hope you guys like it! :]

If you are making a video, please leave a link to the mod and if possible to my youtube channel in the description of the video :] we put alot of effort in making the mods and it really sucks when people don’t even leave a link to the mod in the description of the video nor say anything about where they got the mods from, I’m not just talking about my mods I’m talking about all the mods in general. Thanks.Other than That hope you have a fun time with the mod! ??

About the Mod:
Turns Franklin into Batman!

Video Demo:(Trailer)

• Batsuit.
• Batmobile.
• Batwing.
• Batpod.
• Batmobile smoke.
• Ability to glide from buildings
• Ability to eject whenever you want from Batmobile or Batwing or Batpod.
• Ability to Call in the Batmobile or Batwing whenever.
• Ability to easily equip/ unequip batsuit whenever.

More cool stuff will be added as the time goes on! so feel free to follow the mod :]

To Do:
• Batman vigilante missions ?
• Robin ? ??
• Add sound effects.
• Batclaw.
• Other Batman weapons.
• And some secret stuff :]
• Feel free to leave any suggestion below!

Recommended mods to be used alongside this mod for the time being :]
• JC2 Grappling hook Mod by JulioNIB(
• Vehicle weapons by bdking00
• TurboSystemV by XMOD

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“F7” to Enable/Disable the Batsuit.
“N” To call in the Batmobile.
“B” to Call in the Batwing.
“O” to Call in the Batpod.
“Y” to eject while in Batmobile/Batwing.
“K” to Start/Stop Batmobile Smoke.

I’ll be adding in a .ini soon,so that you can customize the controls :]

Know bugs:
• Feel free to report if you found any.

1) ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade

2) ScriptHookV .NET by Crosire

3) OpenIV

Installation Tutorial:
Before we start make sure you have the Latest version of ScripthookV, ScripthookV.Net and OpenIV Installed.

Video Tutorial:

Written Instructions:

1)Extract the files from the downloaded archive.
It contains the following folders “BatmanSuit,Batmobile,Batwing and scripts folder”

2)Open OpenIV
•Open x64v.rpf
•Open models
•Open cdimages
•Open streamedpeds_players
•Open player_one
•Click Editmode on Top right corner
•Replace head_diff_000_b_bla.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
uppr_diff_026_a_bla.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
lowr_diff_003_a_uni.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
hand_diff_000_a_uni.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
feet_diff_001_a_uni.ytd (Make a Backup before Replacing) with the files in Batmansuit Folder in the downloaded archive.

3)Next open x64c.rpf
•open levels
•open gta5
•open props
•open lev_des
•open v_minigame.rpf
•Replace “prop_t_shirt_ironing.ydr” and “prop_welding_mask_01” with the files in Mask and cape folder inside Batmansuit folder in the downloaded archive.

4) Next open x64i.rpf
•open levels
•open gta5
•open props
•open recreational
•open v_sports.rpf
•Replace “prop_bumper_car_01.ydr” with the file in Batmobile folder in the downloaded archive

5) Next goto updatex64dlcpacksmpheistdlc.rpfx64levelsgta5vehiclesmpheistvehicles.rpf
• And replace “hydra.yft”,”hydra.ytd”,”hydra_hi.yft”,”hydra_hi.ytd” with the files in Batwing folder in the downloaded archive.

6) Next goto x64e.rpflevelsgta5vehicles.rpf
• And replace “carbonrs.yft”,”carbonrs.ytd”,”carbonrs_hi.yft”,with the files in Batpod folder in the downloaded archive.

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7) Finally copy the scripts folder from the downloaded archive and paste it in main GTA V folder.

8) That’s it ?? if you followed all the above steps correctly then you should be good to go! Start up GTA V and Enjoy!
If you cannot understand the above instructions I will be making a video on how to install the mod soon so don’t worry! :]


GtaGamer222 & israelsr




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