Download Prototype RWD P30-6 LMP1 [Add-On] – Screenshots and Description:

Prototype RWD P30-6 LMP1 [Add-On]

Prototype RWD P30-6 LMP1 WMD Community Car

Designed to meet the 2013 ACO regulations for the LMP1 category of race cars, the RWD P30-6 is a top-tier LeMans contender entered by RWD|Motorsports. With a three litre flat-six mono turbo powerplant, supplemented by a pneumatic hybrid system.

The RWD P30 LMP1 is the Design-Contest winner (WorldofMassDevelopment) and featured in the racing simulator Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios


All regular car functions
HQ Interior
HQ Exterior

Primary Color: Body
Secondary Color:Engine/Suspension

Livery support will be added later,
need to fix some issues. still working on it
Replace Version also later


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