This is a tweak on the damage fx. It’s an experimentation in depth and deformation utilizing depth and height variables in mapping, giving the illusion of realistic weapon damage on live tissue without having to deform the mesh of the ped model itself. Shots will tear into your target leaving gaping wounds that appear to have torn chunks out of their flesh. Shots to the face will leave your target completely unrecognizable, replacing their features with cavernous holes and minced meat.


As mentioned in the filename, this is a plugin/replacement of the ped damage effects contained in Bravercoolio’s “Improvements in Gore” mod. Which is the best damn blood and gore mod on the market. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. Download it…
And don’t skimp out on the “head blood pooling” option either. It’s an optional file in Bravercoolio’s .rar file. Use it. It’s worth it.

After you’ve done all that and had the time of your life mowing down our unfortunate AI buddies in game. Head on over to Bravercoolio’s page and give him a well deserved pat on the back for all of his hard work.

Updated to version 1.2 This version is a quick and dirty proof of concept. I’ll be working on this continuously within the coming weeks and updating accordingly with all new texture maps and tweaks to the decal logic.

v1.3 will follow quickly. Working on finalizing the completely revamped gore textures I have in place.

v1.1 had a shelf life of only a few hours. I didn’t plan on wrking on this mod all day but steam servers were down,
so it gave me time to get a v1.2 update out.
v1.2 is a temporary update to coincide with Bravercoolio’s recent update.
v1.3 is in the works with improved textures and damage effects

-Improved maps for bullet hits
-Improved blood pooling fx
-damage tweaks

-Major gore improvement
-Bigger and better wounds, viscera and blood pooling

Let me know what you think. Vote on the mod page and contribute any screenshots or videos you might take.

NOTICE: Since someone already saw fit to steal this mod and claim it as their own, giving no credits to myself or Bravercoolio. It’s necessary for me to add this notice.
This mod is not to be altered or reuploaded anywhere, anytime by anyone. Period. If you’d like to help improve my mod or Bravercoolio’s mod. Get in touch with us in the comments sections and add to the community. Don’t be a f*cking thief. Cheers




Here you are !

Link Download :