Download PSYLOCKV1 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:


This is my menu i uploaded awhile ago and took down because it had some major problems, i don’t have PSYLOCKV1.1 anymore as it was to messed up. i will work to get it back to what is was. For now i have my 1st version up for now. I hope you enjoy it until i get the new update out. it will be out as soon as possible with a lot of new features than the last one had, if you want to check this version or my other version watch my two videos on my youtube of v1 and v1.1.

*newest version

Open: Numpad 7
Close/Back: Numpad 0
Down: Numpad 2
Up: Numpad 8
Left: Numpad 4
Right: Numpad6
Select: Numpad 5

Alexander blade
DMC crystal meth

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