Download PUBG Car – Dacia – Screenshots and Description:

PUBG Car - Dacia


1. “ScripthookV”
2. “OpenIV”

How to Install

1. Install “ScripthookV & “OpenIV”.

2. Extract “DACIA” rar/zip file.

3. Go to “OpenIV” and Enable “edit mode”.

4. Install all “ASI Managers” and that will make a “mods” folder in your “GTA 5” folder. If you already have a “mods” folder skip this step.

5. Minimize “OpenIV” and go to “GTA 5” folder via “My computer/This PC”. Copy “x64w” RPF to “mods” folder.

6. In “OpenIV”, go to “modsx64w.rpfdlcpacksmphipsterdlc.rpfx64levelsgta5vehiclesmphipstervehicles.rpf and drag and drop all files in “DACIA>>MOD FILES” folder.


“Alexander Blade” for “ScripthookV”
“OpenIV team” for “OpenIV”

Download mod

File File size


22 MB