This is a Reshade preset for QuantV that improves rain reflection, darkens the night sky, and provides better illumination of night lights and the earth during the daytime. The update also includes changes to enbserise.ini, enbbloom.fx, enbeffectpostpass.fx, intlightsprite.fx, enblightsprite.fx, and enbadaptation.fx. The preset file can be downloaded from the website.

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‘PureRealism’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL

'PureRealism' ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL

Reshade preset for QuantV.

Make sure you have QuantV and reshade first.

Put the preset into your game floder,then use reshade to choose my preset.

New update v2.0:
Rain reflection has been improved in the new update.

New updates Final version :
darkening of the night sky
illumination of night lights
illumination of the earth in the daytime

enbserise.ini :
Quality=2 (low pc=2 ; high pc=0 ; very high pc=-2)

enbbloom.fx : Bloom:: Intensity=0.025

enbeffectpostpass.fx : Sharpen Day=0
Sharpen Night=0
RainDrops:: Amount=0.5
RainDrops:: Intensity=0.75
RainDrops:: Scale=1.5
RainDrops:: Speed=0.5
RainDrops:: Force Enable=false

intlightsprite.fx : INTLIGHTSPRITE.FX

enblightsprite.fx : ENBLIGHTSPRITE.FX

enbadaptation.fx : ENBADAPTATION.FX



Tagged Graphics

1. Natural Vision Evolved: This mod is known for its stunning visuals and realistic lighting effects. It offers a wide range of customization options, allowing players to tweak the colors, contrast, and overall appearance of the game. While both mods aim to enhance the realism of the game, Natural Vision Evolved may have a more comprehensive feature set.

2. VisualV: Similar to PureRealism, VisualV is a reshade preset that strives for realistic graphics in the game. It focuses on improving the colors, shadows, and overall atmosphere. However, VisualV is known for its optimization and performance-friendly settings, making it a great choice for players with lower-end systems. In comparison, PureRealism may provide more detailed visual enhancements but might require a more powerful computer.

3. Redux: Redux is a mod that offers a complete overhaul of Grand Theft Auto V’s visuals, including new textures, lighting effects, and improved weather systems. It aims to create a more realistic and immersive experience for players. PureRealism, on the other hand, is a reshade preset that modifies the in-game graphics without changing the underlying textures or game mechanics. Redux may provide a more extensive graphical overhaul, while PureRealism focuses on enhancing the visual elements through reshade effects.

4. ENBSeries: ENBSeries is a popular modding tool that allows for extensive graphical enhancements in various games, including GTA V. It offers a wide range of customization options, such as color correction, depth of field effects, and advanced lighting settings. PureRealism, being a reshade preset, is more limited in terms of features and customization. ENBSeries may provide a more immersive and visually advanced experience, but it also requires more technical knowledge to configure and optimize.

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5. VisualVIVID: VisualVIVID is a reshade preset that aims to enhance the vibrancy and colorfulness of GTA V’s graphics. It offers various optional effects like sharpening, color grading, and bloom. While PureRealism focuses on achieving a more realistic look, VisualVIVID goes for a more vibrant and eye-catching style. Players looking for a more colorful and vivid experience may prefer VisualVIVID, while those aiming for a more realistic and subdued atmosphere may gravitate towards PureRealism.
‘PureRealism’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL
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You are currently viewing the content of ‘PureRealism’ ReShade Preset For QuantV FINAL Gta V Mod on the
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