Download RAGE Trainer inDev_0.4.145 (16112) – Screenshots and Description:

RAGE Trainer inDev_0.4.145 (16112)

This is a trainer for GTA V using RAGE Plugin Hook!

Please note that the trainer itself is in it’s very early developmental changes and anything you see is subject to change. If you’d like to see a feature getting implemented, feel free to drop a comment on here or a message on my Twitter!


RAGE Plugin Hook – min. v0.38
RAGENativeUI – min. v1.3.1.0 (Included)
SQLite – min. v1.0.98.0 (Included)


Extract the Installation directory to the GTA V root folder
Start game
Load the plugin by typing LoadPlugin “RAGE Trainer.dll” into the RAGE console
Press F5 for the main menu (default, can be changed in RAGE Trainer.ini)
Press F6 for the quick access menu (default, can be changed in RAGE Trainer.ini)

For more info please read ReadMe.txt



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