Mod Railroad Engineer allows you to manage trams and trains in GTA 5, now you can easily get on the train, when you jump out of speed in corners, the train can get off the rail, and the next train pushes the cars.
Mod allows you to control any train and tram in GTA 5 pc, now you can network in the train even on the go, while the driver will remain inside the cabin, and you can push out nafig.
You can accelerate and brake the train, get out of it, blow it with a whistle and even manually cut it off.
Now, to sit behind the train, you need to find a traveling train and when the locomotive picks up next to you, hold down the login button, the indicator line appears, you need to sit down.
It is standard to accelerate and brake, but on the top of the screen there is an indicator of the state and speed of the train in miles and kilometers.
When passing sharp turns at high speed, the indicator will be sharply filled, the train can easily get off the rail.

Feautures :

  • drive the train or the tram with different properties
  • easy access (optional realistic entrance)
  • realistic and nonlinear acceleration/braking
  • open/close doors (animated)
  • radio
  • change seat in freight train
  • derailment (automatic, manual)
  • explosions and collisions with derailed trains
  • engineer commands (see below)
  • displays (speed mph/kmh, derailment, doors, distance)
  • ini-file (configuration file can be changed during the game)
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Mod Showcase:


  1. Install Script Hook V
  2. Download Railroad Engineer and copy the files to the main game folder

How to use

Wait for a train and hold [F] near the loco of the freight train or near the tram.


  • [F] *  enter/exit train
  • [W]   accelerate / brake (backwards)
  • [S]    brake / accelerate (backwards)
  • [␣]    brake
  • [␣]+[S]   hard brake
  • [X] *  derail manually
  • [E] *  horn
  • [H]    headlights
  • [G]    open/close doors
  • [Q]    radio
  • [E] **  engineer command (freight train)
  • [A], [D]  change seat (freight train)

 * hold
** engineer must be alive and inside the train
(for more details see the readme file)

Download Links:

 3.2 (current) :