Developers were busy in creating mods for all kinds of gamers. So, how they can forget the streamers or Youtube content makers who would like to add quality content into their videos. To facilitate them, raindrop texture 4k mod was introduced. The main idea of this mod was to replace the dirt particles off the car or houses or even environment with raindrops. The game was supposed to run at 4k to 8k so, you can only imagine how great the quality of the graphics will be.

The downside of this mod is that it is not suitable for regular game-plays. Record all the content you want or take the screenshot but whenever you want to play the regular, don’t use raindrop texture 4k mod. The only reason behind this is the drop of frame-rates to support ultra HD graphics resulting in poor in-game performance. 


Apparently, there is only one issue with the mod that sometimes the quality of the content drops suddenly. It affects the screenshot or recorded video quality so all the work will be useless. To improve the visibility manually, all you got to do is press alt+tab button and get out of the game without closing it. Re-enters the game and you will notice that the textures and raindrops are enhanced to a great degree. 


  • The mod works perfectly with visualV to give the best gaming experience and you will feel that you are actually a part of the game. The aim of the developers was to add the realistic effects and the raindrops added more beauty to the overall graphics of the game.
  • Dirt texture was completely eradicated in this mod. So, you won’t see any dust on your favorite car. Just the beautiful raindrops texture whenever you go for a ride on the rainy night.
  • You can control the capacity of the raindrops. So you can choose exactly what kind of photo or video you are looking for your content and change the settings according to that. This will help you in getting the desired content on the very first time. 
  • Overall textures of the game were also improved and you can see the level of details done for each object without compromising even a little bit of the quality of the graphics. Everything was made so perfect so that the 4k gaming experience can be achieved successfully.
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How to install:

  • The installation process of the raindrop texture 4k is pretty basic. To enhance the quality further you are recommended to download Rain Enhancement Script which will provide the necessary details for the realistic rain effects. Install the rain Enhancement script first and then use OpenIV to get to the mods folder of GTA V. Enable the edit mode option.
  • Look for the file “vehshare.ytd”. Open the file and look for the import option. It will probably be in the top left of the window.
  • You can either choose 4k or 8k raindrop texture. Select your desired mod and import it.
  • Click on the Save button and you are good to go.

Download Links:

 2.0 (current) Link Download :