Top Fun’s latest in their remote controlled car line-up, the RC Bandito is a literal blast from the past bringing back memories from your childhood as you terrorized the race tracks on Washington Beach and obliterated unsuspecting gangsters in Liberty City.


This is a RC Bandito. It is a restoration of the cut vehicle of the same name. That’s right, RC car(s?) and RC races were cut from the game. I don’t know how the RC Bandito looked like in the beta, so I improvized and ported a vehicle -the Bandito- from GTA San Andreas.

Changelist: (1.2)–
-Spawn name renamed to “rcbandito2”, to avoid conflicts with the official RC Bandito.
-Minor changes to some data files to make this closer to the official RC Bandito.

Changelist (1.1)–
-New, improved, handling by Eddlm.

-Reuses beta features such as the “IS_RC” handling flag, the original sounds, and the camera mode.
-This also means your player model will automatically become invisible when controlling one. All you have to do is warp in to terrorize the city in this miniature dune buggy.
-Glass is not breakable. I think it’s because it doesn’t exist.
-It spawns with some colors even though it’s not a traffic vehicle but… you know what I mean.
-Weird fun handling. You’ll bounce a lot, just like the old RC cars! Watch out for curbs too.
-RC Bandito is available in all languages.
-This mod did not need any duct-tape to hold it together. Well, not excessively.

-Rockstar Games: Original model from GTA San Andreas.
-Eddlm: Handling.


Drop the “sprc” folder into dlcpacks and add the line “dlcpacks:sprc” to dlclist.xml in update.rpf/common/data.





-Now that rockstar released their own RC Bandito, the support for this is being dropped. There will be no more updates, unless it’s to fix a serious bug or update compatibility.
-I mean it’s a super scaled down car that was probably cut for a reason, what could go wrong?
-Spawn name: rcbandito2. If the vehicle name didn’t give it away or the trainers didn’t automatically list it.

Link Download :