Download Real brands Crips & Bloods Lamar 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Real brands Crips & Bloods Lamar 2.0

I wasn’t satisfied with any Lamar textures so I made my own and decided to share it. Model is vanilla, mod is just retexturing not improving original textures quality as skin etc., retexture is complatible with cutscenes (replacement of both IG and CS model textures)


Real brands for most clothes (mostly based on real clothes)
Green Family colors changed to fit blue Crips colors
Used needlework textures for caps & lacoste shirt
Changed LS tattoos to LA
Changed FAM tattoo to Crips symbol
Crips tattoos on face (SMGC means Soldier Mafia Gangster Crip, 211 means Blood Killer)
Changed LS chain to BlueKush (I didn’t find any diamonds LA chain photos)

Update 2.0

Changed blue colors clothes for red color clothes
Changed Crips tattoos to tattoos used by Bloods
Added golf clothes retexture


I didn’t change duffel bag textures coz I’m using Adidas textures by DrivingBerserker – Adidas Duffel Bag


Detailed installation in ReadMe file (follow folders to replace files)


Rockstar – Original Lamar models

Download mod

File File size


35 MB