Download Real brands Crips & Bloods Stretch G-unit 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Real brands Crips & Bloods Stretch G-unit 2.0

I didn’t upload Stretch coz it’s just one clothes option but after request from video placed in Lamar’s retexture, here it is (: Model is vanilla, mod is just retexturing not improving original textures quality as skin etc., retexture is complatible with cutscenes (replacement of both IG and CS model textures)


Real brands for most clothes (based on real clothes)
Green Family colors changed to fit blue Crips colors
Changed SA tattoo to CA
Changed FAM tattoo to Crips symbol
Crips tattoos on face (3 18 9 16 are numbers of the alphabet equal the letters of the word CRIP, number 6 in any meaning is aswell used by Crips)
Hat is just whole blue as the SA emblem is part of model (if you can remake it to CA/LA I would welcome any help for update)

—– Update 1.1 —–
I noticed he had on hand tattoo ‘Ballas’ aswell as already replaced ‘FAM’ so I changed it on ‘C.R.A.B.’ what is tattoo used by Bloods and means ‘Crips really are Bloods’ which fit him as traitor most.

—– Update 2.0 —–

Improved neck tattoos
Added second hand tattoos
Improved hat textures
Added Bloods version – new clothes, Crips tattoos changed on tattoos used by Bloods


Detailed installation in ReadMe file (follow folders to replace files)


Rockstar – Original Stretch models

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