Real California architecture mod is made for the lovers of California and overall gamers who like to try new things on GTA V. The mod has totally re-modeled the GTA V universe by giving it a complete makeover to look realistic like famous California. A lot of changes have been made and new objects were added that give the perfect vibes of California.

California cannot be completed without the West Hollywood sign and the developers made sure to include the sign within the game. The mod focused on adding new architectures and the developers have been constantly updating to give the city more realistic touch. The signs are placed at every popular street and corner and textures were detailed to enhance the gaming effect for the gamers.

Some of the most amazing features of Real California Architecture mod are:

  • The most amazing feature of this mod is that it keeps the game stable and lag-free after all the inclusions of new objects. There are many gamers asking the questions about the FPS drop, but the developers made sure that the gaming experience is not disturbed in any condition. All the objects are added to create a California theme but GTA V experience remains the same just like in vanilla edition.
  • To keep the changes real and authentic, developers spent a lot of time in perfecting the level of details or LODs. Every architecture or board has the proper level to details and the developers used thousands of realistic photos to generate the perfect architecture that will enhance the gaming experience for most of the gamers.
  • The real California architecture works perfectly with all the mods except the billboards mod. Billboards mods are already changing the billboards and real California architecture mod also focuses on certain billboards changes so, two mods cannot be executed at the same time. However, there is one exception. LA billboards mod does not conflict with Real California mod.
  • Developers were generous while creating this amazing mod and they have included all the architectures and meaningful billboards to reshape the GTA V universe into California. Major architectures include, Santa Monica pier sign, West Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills sign, famous sheriff station in Compton, Apple billboard at sunset Boulevard, Carneys restaurant, Famous wax museum of superstars Hollywood, City National bank in West Hollywood, one and two California Plaza, Comedy store, in short the developers included almost every detail that could help in reshaping the game into a real state. 
  • With all the extra architects, the game missions are never affected. So, you are still experiencing the GTA V gaming experience along visiting your favorite sights around California.
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The mod earned respect and popularity because the gamers enjoyed the maximum gaming without a single drop in the performance. The kept on playing their favorite game with additional features and did not face any kind of lag or drop in the framerates. 



How to install:

  • Once downloaded, unzip to anywhere you want.
  • Now, in OpenIV, go to “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/”, drag and drop folder called “rca” from archive here
  • Go back to “mods/update/”. Now, go to “update.rpf/common/data/” and click edit on “dlclist.xml”.
  • Add new line: dlcpacks:rca
  • Save.

Download Links:

0.4.4 (current):