Download Real California Gangs for World of Variety [ Peds | Graffiti | 2 options ] 2.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Real California Gangs for World of Variety [ Peds | Graffiti | 2 options ] 2.0

New RCG, this time COMPATIBLE with WOV !!!
Based on real brands and their GTA imitations, based on real gangs colors, based on real tatttoos & clothes used by CA gangs.


Version 8 or newer of World of Variety
Optionable: LA Billboards or any other addon folder for props


Families = Crips or Bloods
Ballas = Bloods or Crips
Vagos = Surenos (Mexican affiliated gangs known aswell as Surenos13/Sur13)
Marabunta Grande (MG) = Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)
The Aztecas = 18th Street gang (Mara18)
TheLostMc = Bandidos Mc (Mc means Motorcycle Club)
Madrazo Cartel = Mexican Mafia (La Eme)
Armenian Mobs = Armenian Power 13 (AP13 / APX3)
Chinese & Korean gangs = Chinese Triads & Korean Gang (Yakuza alliance)
Oneil Brothers = Aryan Brothers & Public Enemy 1 (PE1)

News from old RCG

Option with swapped locations of Crips and Bloods (including cutscene peds retextures)
Added requested Franklin’s bandana – Crips and Bloods version (including prop retexture to work good in mission)
Thanks to WOV peds have more variety clothes = I made more variety brands and designs on their clothes
Thanks to WOV as requirement, installation of peds retextures is much easier now (using LA Billboard make easier installation of graffiti textures aswell)
Took care more about real gangs colors even that they are pretty similar (detailed differences you can see on titles used in photos)
For a bit experienced modders added lines to change colors of gangs vehicles (to fit their gangs/clothes colors)

Changelog Version 2.0 (Last 6 photos)

Replaced worldwide club Bandidos Mc textures of Lost Mc to the Mongols Mc which have a big part of members in California (thanks to the ‘Lexii Thomas’ from my YouTube channel for noticing this)
Replaced Bandidos props with Mongols props and added few posters
Fixed some missing LODs for graffiti
For small gangs added Armenian Power 13 as replacement for Armenian Mobs
Replaced Oneils Brothers peds with PE1 and aswell Aryan Brothers even that AB are mostly prison based gang, but not everyone have life sentence so they are back from jail with the tattoos (mostly added tattoos). Thanks for the ‘Conquor’ from my Discord channel for notice of small gangs missing textures and helping me with source info of the gangs to find proper replacement for these minor gangs.
Added Yakuza sleeve tattoos to Chinese and Korean gangs as the Chinese Triads and Korean gangs in California have built strong alliances with Yakuza
Fixed compability and textures problem with WOV version 9
Replaced Google server option with MediaFire option


For completition I recommend to use Bloods and Crips Graffiti by D4RKS0LD13R
Then my Lamar Crips & Bloods edition
And Stretch Crips & Bloods edition


Detailed installation in ReadMe file (peds – put all files into rpf, graffiti – put all files into rpf or follow folder for locations, bandana – follow folders)


If you find any not replaced gangs graffiti or tags let me know here or at a Discord
If you find any let me know here or at a Discord please


Rockstar – Original models
World of Variety creators – setting up using more variety models in offline game

Download mod

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