Realism Dispatch Enhanced mod is developed to enhance the realistic nature of the awesome GTA V. The mod specifically changed the peds and introduced new vehicles to the game. Developers made sure that the experience of the whole GTA V never gets disturbed even after introducing new content in the game.

Few of the bugs and fixes were also were ensured to boost the gameplay. A whole lot of new features were introduced like reworking of the AI, new agencies, lots and lots of vehicles, custom modified peds, attacking peds, and modified scripts. The realism dispatch enhanced is certainly robust, detailed, and enhanced among all the mods. All the packages are merged into one installer package to facilitate the gamers who wanted to install this mod. Some of the awesome features of the mod are:

  • The changes made within the game never deviate from the original storyline of GTA V set by the Rockstar. So, you always feel that you are wandering within the game with more features and DLC content than the vanilla edition.
  • All the enhancements that are done are kept close to reality. You will feel the changes more detailed. Although, the changes are done to suit the GTA V universe so, you will not feel anything odd.
  • All the new introductions are made to pinpoint perfection. From the custom peds to tiny textures of the new police station, from agency jurisdiction to the AI performance, everything is detailed and neat.
  • Special changes done to the wanted level system have certainly changed the playing style of the gamers. From the thriller car chases to the lethal shootouts, everything is ensuring the challenging yet fun experience. Cops have been provided with new gadgets and tools so, you need to be careful as the cops have now turned to super cops. Addition of the sixth star has surely challenged all the gamers and they had to showcase the skills and mantle to survive the sixth-star law enforcement agencies wrath.
  • Each agency has the uniform and the vehicles just like the real agencies just to ensure the realistic touch of the mod. With the sixth star introduction, dispatch system is upgraded and the agencies respond to your tackle your crimes more swiftly now.
  • If you somehow evade the ground troops and get your hand on some helicopter or plane, get ready to face the wrath of military helicopters and fighter jets. Six stars will make the survival more difficult and you had to play extremely well in order to survive in the new and improved GTA V. 
  • Arrest warrants and stern car chases will test your survival skills and improved law enforcement AI will do all in its power to apprehend the culprit and secure peace in the GTA V universe.

For the gamers who want more action and challenge in GTA V, Realistic Dispatch Enhanced is the perfect mod for them. They will get all thrill that they are looking for and will be addicted to the game for months if not years.




How to install:

  1. New install method has been introduced to work around Rockstar’s hardcoded limit of 48 dlcpacks.
  2. Gameconfig has been updated to support newest GTA V updates.
    The Sheriffs of Blaine and World of Variety RDE version have been merged into the base files in order to ease maintenance and streamline files.
  3. Updated all addon files.
  4. CopHolster ScripthookVDotNet version has been added as an addon.
  5. PoliceSmartRadio Wiwang radio image has been added as an addon.


  1. Multiple optimizations have been performed on peds and vehicles to increase performance and stability.
  2. Multiple ped models have been updated to take advantage of YMT editing, which allows for new components and textures to be set on peds – this allows for eg. female peds to have new bulletproof vests, multiple new nametag textures, nightstick, tazer and holster components to take advantage of updated CopHolster mod.
  3. Existing peds have been improved with higher quality textures and model parts.
  4. New peds such as female LSPD SWAT, old LSPD cop, LSSD detectives, new FIB agents and more have been added.
  5. All vehicles have updated interiors (including lore-friendly police consoles).
  6. New vehicles have been added – examples include new unmarked vehicles or the armed military Annihilator.
  7. Building edits have been fixed to work with non-MP maps.
  8. New LSSD advertisement for Davis Sheriff Station.
  9. Updated loadouts.meta and relationships.dat for more dynamic ambient shootouts.


  1. LiveryChanger has been updated to work with peds.
  2. Multiple bugfixes and improvements to SixStarResponse script, including fixed search AI, improved spawning, non-lethal weapon handling, enhanced stability and performance.
  3. Improvements to handling of armed vehicles (note: turrets not turning sometimes is a bug R* has included in Gunrunning update – currently, no fix has been found).
  4. New hybrid vehicle categories have been added for amphibious vehicles and flying land vehicles (eg. Oppressor).
  5. HeavyWeapons and NotConsideredArmed weapons can be configured in ArrestWarrantConfig.xml.
  6. New features added to SixStarResponse:
    IncidentManager – allows cops to call backups during gunfights with NPCs.
    AmbientLoadoutFix – makes sure that the cops have proper weapons which cannot be defined in loadouts.meta.
    PopcycleEdit – adds passengers to ambient cop vehicles.
    Armor can be applied to peds depending on whether a specified component is present.
  7. Updates to configs to account for new content and features. Note: Compatibility with old configs not guaranteed.


[spoiler]Q: I noticed a bug, how should I submit a report for it to be fixed?
A: Please provide a brief explanation of the bug and submit your logs. To do this open SixStarResponse.ini and make the following changes: “Debug=1” “NativeDebug=1” then save the ini. Reproduce the bug and open your SixStarResponse.log, gather the contents, use to post the log contents, and then submit the link to us with your description.
Q: The HUD elements beside the wanted stars aren’t aligned properly. Can this be fixed?
A: The HUD elements should be aligned as shown here: if yours doesn’t look like this you may need to edit your safezone-size like so:
Q: Please help! I’m getting crash issues upon loading the game or selecting story mode.
A: There’s numerous things that could cause this. If a new dlc is released it will require a new gameconfig file to be created, if you have an exceeding amount of extra vehicles with RDE that could cause issues with gameconfig as well. Our advice: Remove everything and start with a fresh mods folder (yes remove any other scripts as well) then install only rde and slowly add the others back one by one; testing with each addition.
Q: I do not own a legal copy of the game, will this mod still work?
A: Whether it works or not you’re on your own. We created this mod based on the official game release and will not support any other version of the game. Please do not ask us for support or de-tour our comments/forums with this discussion.
Q: I have agencies spawning outside of their jurisdiction. What could cause this?
A: 3.0 has completely rewritten the police system and so dispatch.meta is now limited to only spawning roadblocks and SWAT helicopters; the rest is handled via script. There’s other things that could cause this but as a good rule of thumb it’s imperative that you use the dispatch.meta we’ve provided and not one from another mod unless specifically stated it was made for RDE 3.0.
Q: Does RDE support SP missions / Will we add this feature?
A: In 3.0 you will most likely experience issues with some SP missions while others may work fine. It would be a big undertaking to ensure complete compatibility and so we would need the enlistment of the community to submit their logs. (See how to submit a bug report above)
Q: Can I develop my own configs for RDE and submit them on GTA5-mods/LSPDFR?
A: Not only are you allowed to do this but we encourage you to do so! However you are not permitted to share our files, models, scripts, etc. Only the config files are to be shared so be sure to have your users install RDE first before adding your mod/edits.Virus Scan: [/spoiler]

Download Links:


RDE 3.1.1 Patched (current):!u7wQCAwR!rgsOEhMQ6yCt9l3HT0eWuNnVp2l6DNpEC3AZDgajcSE