This post is about a mod called Realistic Blood Amount 1.0, which aims to make the amount of blood in video games more realistic when characters get shot. The mod reduces the number of blood pools and splatters by 90%, removes the mist of blood that appears when characters are shot, and decreases the rate of blood appearing. It is compatible with any other gore mods. The installation process requires OpenIV and the provided mod files need to be placed in specific directories. The mod was created by wellalrightjacob with assistance from ChrisPy. The file size is 24 KB.

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Realistic Blood Amount 1.0

Realistic Blood Amount 1.0

This changes the amount of blood when shot to a more realistic amount.

I’ve made this since I feel like all the gore mods are very unrealistic, of course, if you are playing for fun then I recommend those as they are very fun! But basing it on real-life when people get shot there is a small amount of blood and not 5 blood pools everywhere.

Reduces the amout of blood pools by 90%
Reduces the amount of blood splatters by 90%
Removes the mist of blood when shot.
Decreases the rate of blood appearing.
Compatiblity with any gore mods.

Requirements OpenIV
decals.dat bloodfx.dat
Drop the files I provided into there. Make sure edit mode is turned on

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Turn on edit mode.
Open the fxdecal.ytd
Drag and drop the PNG files I provided into there.


ChrisPy – Showed me how to removed the blood mist.

Download mod

File File size
Realistic Blood Amount REMASTERED
24 KB

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Unfortunately, I cannot provide a detailed comparison of the Table Realistic Blood Amount 1.0 Mod with specific similar mods as I do not have access to a database of mods. However, I can provide a general comparison of mods that aim to enhance blood effects in games:

1. Realistic Blood Mod: This mod focuses on introducing realistic and detailed blood effects into the game. It may include features such as dynamic splatter patterns, enhanced blood pooling, and improved physics for blood spatter.

2. Gore Overhaul Mod: This mod aims to completely overhaul the game’s gore system, offering more realistic and gruesome blood effects. It may include features such as dismemberment, severed limbs, and enhanced blood textures.

3. Enhanced Blood Textures Mod: This mod focuses on improving the visual quality of blood textures. It may introduce more defined blood splatters, better blood stains, and higher-resolution blood textures.

4. Blood Splatter Mod: This mod primarily focuses on enhancing the blood splatter effects in the game. It may introduce more dynamic and realistic blood spray patterns, improved physics, and better coordination with weapon strikes.

5. Blood FX Mod: This mod concentrates on adding additional visual effects to blood in the game. It may include features such as dripping blood, blood mist formations, and improved particle effects when blood comes into contact with surfaces.

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It is essential to note that the actual features and capabilities of each mod may vary, as they are developed by different modders and for different games. Therefore, it is recommended to research and read user reviews to determine which mod best suits your preferences and the specific game you are playing.
Realistic Blood Amount 1.0
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