This post is about a realistic blood special effects mod for a video game. The mod aims to make the blood and gore in the game resemble real-life ballistics, with accurate wound sizes, blood pool sizes, and splatter sizes. The mod also includes features like realistic melee damage and soaking times. The changelog lists the updates made to the mod, including changes to textures and fixing bugs. Various contributors are credited for their work on the mod. The post also includes a link to download the mod file. The file size is 1.741 MB.

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Realistic Blood FX V1.7

Realistic Blood FX 1.5

This gore config of Improvements in Gore, and Blood and Decals Diversity is as close to realism as any other gore mod. I have edited the files to behave like real life ballistics but also offer a satisfying result. Expect brutal aftermaths and disturbing shootouts.

Basic Features
-Accurate wound sizes (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
-Accurate blood pool sizes
-Accurate splatter sizes (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
-Removed blood mist from body shots
-Smaller and more realistic blood mists on headshots
-Realistic melee damage
-Realistic soaking times (depending on caliber and entry/exit)
-Realistic body splatter sizes

1.4: Removed blood spilling due to overwhelming bugs, added new pool and splatter textures, finished the splatter rework, made pistol headshots more brutal looking.

1.5: Entirely new look. Changed multiple textures including: blood pools, body splatter, splatter, and wounds. Polished the soaking system and its look for better aftermaths. Changed wound sizes for all headshot types. Added a “material dust” effect to body shots from big caliber weapons. Shotguns are completely changed with new wounds and splatter.

Changelog 1.6
New: textures, soaking, pools, splatter.
Added: Simple melee damage (will be expanded in future updates), more splatter on pistol and ar headshots (doesn’t work for snipers or shotguns will be fixed), accurate blood color (changes under lighting and clothing material, GTA issue not mod issue), blood mist on powerful caliber hits.

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Changelog 1.7
New: Ditched the hollywood realism for actual realism. Textures for wounds and soaking were changed.
Fixed: Super bright blood/wounds in different graphics mods
Changed: Splatter amount and size


Poorsoul44 bravercoolio CarnethSmecher
Bravercoolio Wound and Splatter Textures
Carneth Smecher Blood Pools Textures
GalaxyHighMarshall Blood Pools and Splatter Textures

Download mod

File File size
RBFX 1.7
41 MB

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1. Enhanced Blood Textures: This mod improves the blood textures in the game, making them appear more detailed and realistic. However, it does not add any additional blood effects or features like the Realistic Blood FX mod does.

2. Ultimate Blood Enhancement Mod: Similar to the Realistic Blood FX mod, this mod enhances the blood effects in the game, adding more blood splatters, sprays, and pooling effects. However, it may not be as detailed or comprehensive as the Realistic Blood FX mod.

3. Deadly Mutilation: While this mod adds realistic blood effects, it also allows for limb dismemberment and body decomposition, which the Realistic Blood FX mod does not include. It offers a more gory and brutal experience for players who enjoy that level of realism.

4. Violens – A Killmove Mod: This mod focuses on enhancing the killmove animations in the game, including blood spurts and sprayed blood effects. While it does add some blood effects, it is not as extensive or detailed as the Realistic Blood FX mod.

5. Immersive Blood: With this mod, blood pools and sprays dynamically during combat. It also adds blood-footprints, blood stains on weapons, and the ability to decapitate enemies. While it offers some similar features to the Realistic Blood FX mod, it may not have as many customization options or detailed blood effects.
Realistic Blood FX V1.7
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