Download Realistic Car Meet 1.5 – Screenshots and Description:

Realistic Car Meet 1.5

Realistic Car Meet

by: GuessWhosBack
thanks to Melamine correcting few things

brilliant for movies


Map Editor (at least v2.2), from Guadmaz

Object Spawn Unlocker, from GTAMultiplayer Team

What’s new in Realistic Car Meet V1.5?
-new spot lights for vip cars
-new city lights
-speakers around
-more peds
-more paparazzi
-player’s vip parking
-added thrashes around site and trash cans
-gates at the end of the parking


drop the rcm.xml in your GTA V main directory


open Map Editor pressing F7 , click load map, then write:rcm
hit enter
Map will load in less than a minute



Download mod

File File size

rarRealistic Car Meet V1.5

5 MB