The GTA world has always been close to the real world. But in order to perfect the realism of GTA V many of the random mod developers have constructed mods. These mods not only add new playable features but also modify the already installed playable features.

The world of GTA V is world of gangsters and mafias. In order to enhance such experience, a mod developer by the name of XENORT has constructed a mod which adds new and realistic weapons to the game and also adds the features of the guns and also their realistic sound. This mod was first released in 2017 and was updated for the last time in 2018. After the last update downloads of the mod jumped to 111,375.

Playable Features:  

This mod adds new weapons to the game with their original features and sounds which adds realism to GTA V world and enhance the gaming experience. Some of the main noticeable features of the mod are:

  • This mod supports High Definition audio which results in realistic sound of guns and their loading. This adds a hint of realism to the gameplay and increases the realistic features of the game.
  • New and improved collision sounds have been added to this mod. This feature makes gunshot marks visible on structures & vehicles etc. Whenever the bullet hits a wall or a vehicle, the damage is visible. This enhances the gaming experience for the players.
  • New sound for the revolver chamber has been added to the game through this mod. 
  • In order to enhance the reality of the game, the mod developer has added the sound of falling of shells whenever the gun is fired.  The mod developer has added new and improved sound of shell insert.
  • Improved muzzle flashes have been added to the game. The flashing of muzzle provides realism to the gameplay of GTA V.
  • New sounds for assault rifles, combats MGs and shotguns have also been added to the game.

Player’s Experience:

The sole purpose of playing GTA V is to experience the world of gangsters and mafias. Most of the players play GTA V for the realistic experience and also for the thrill. This mod helps the players to taste the thrill of the dangerous world of GTA V. According to many players, this mod provides realism to the game and enhances the gaming experience. 

One of the main reasons that this mod provides realism to the game is the playable features which are embedded in the mod.  The realistic sounds of gun firing, loading of chamber, falling of shells, filling of magazine adds realism to the gameplay and also increase the thrill of playing the game. 


This mod is without a doubt one of the most efficient mod of GTA V. The reason for the efficiency of the mod is that the mod was updated four times.  But there are some issues which need to be fixed. The issues are:

  • The flash of the muzzle stops working.
  • The gunshot of the revolver is inaudible.
  • The gun doesn’t reload.

These are some issues which need to be fixed but it is up to the mod developers. We can only pray for the next update so that the issues can be fixed.




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