This mod is all about increasing the pedestrian and vehicles in Los Santos and every area will have a specific type of traffic. Gang areas will be more crowded with armed gangsters and you will see more traffic in terms of vehicles around airport area. For the gamers who like to experience the realistic effects within of a big city and want to roam around without breaking any rules then pedestrian and traffic mod are just perfect for them. The mod renovates the liveliness of the Los Santos and you will see more hustle around the streets and roads. This type of increased traffic will require system resources if you want to avoid the drop in FPS and stutter-free gaming.

Let’s have a look at the important features that this mod has to offer.

  • To give a realistic touch within the game, you will notice heavy traffic jams in daytime around international airport area. 
  • Gang-related violence will increase significantly after the installation of the mod and you will notice more gang members roaming in the streets. To tackle that situation, more cops and police cars are also patrolling, and the scenario was balanced perfectly.
  • The pedestrian ratio was also adjusted like you will notice more people in day time and roads will be clear in the night time. Tourist spots will have more people as expected and next to zero people around the mountains area of Los Santos. The developers never strayed from the purpose of making the GTA V experience more realistic. You will not notice any abrupt changes or any fishy update that is straying away from reality.

  • Minimum requirements suggested by the developers for smooth gaming is 8 Gb of RAM and minimum 2 Gb o graphics card. So, this mod is heavily dependent on the specifications of the PC, so you don’t want to install the mod on low-end PC which will only result in crashing on the game or lag that will affect the gaming.
  • The City is lively than ever, and you will feel that you are not in a game but a city full of people minding their own businesses. Business areas will be focused on pedestrian and peak time will be from 6 pm to 7 pm. 
  • Before installing the pedestrian and traffic mod, make sure, you back up your files because some gamers have experienced crashing and they lost their original files as well. So, you need to be a little careful while installing this awesome mod.
  • The only thing that is critical for installing the mod is ScriptHookV. You cannot run the mod on multiplayer mod but works perfectly with the compatible mods like GTA V patch 350.2.

So, the mod is laced with all the amazing features of turning Los Santos into more realistic city. You will get the ambiance of busy life and hustling people in their daily lives.



How to install:

  • Backup your update.rpf file (especially if you ever want to play MP again)
  • Open update.rpf using the latest OpenIV
  • Navigate to common > data in the file
  • Enable edit mode, then drag and drop gameconfig.xml over the OpenIV window.

Download Links: