Realistic Suspension For all cars mod for GTA V and its features:

The aim of the developers with realistic suspension for all car’s mod was to replicate the realistic suspensions. In GTA V we have seen cars doing some funny stuff when you land them from a certain height and you immediately think that this can only happen in the game while in reality, the car will be totally wrecked.

To implement the realistic effect, all cars have been modified. One thing that can be considered as a drawback of this mod is that it does work in online mode. The changes are made for the original cars of the GTA V so the originals car won’t trouble with any sort of crashes or abrupt lag, but the cars added through mods might give you some troubles so, beware of that.

Some of the features are:

  • Speed has been enhanced ever slightly taking in the consideration of realistic vision of the mod. Not only cars but boats and aircrafts speed are also increased. 
  • In a normal game, whenever a vehicle was exploded, the parts start to fly and the structure of the car was totally deformed but with realistic suspension for all car’s mod, structural integrity of the cars will be maintained, and cars will take longer to explode.
  • All the features of cars have been upgraded like acceleration, brake system, controls, the stability of the vehicle, and steering control.
  • Motorcycles often got out of control while bending around the corners but in realistic suspension for all car’s mod, realistic cornering ability was added.
  • To fix any issue related to crashing, try to reinstall the game and add the realistic suspension for all car’s mod first. This will allow the game library to pick this mod first because the file is tested for only this mod. You also need to regularly track the performance to avoid sudden crashing of the game.
  • For the race lovers and enthusiasts, Dual-clutch transmission is added in all the sports cars and supercars within the game. 
  • Realistic suspension for all car’s mod is compatible with cars-mod but there are some abnormalities in the behavior while driving in the cars linked with other mods.
  • The clutches of all the cars have been improved significantly and you feel the driving much smoother as compared to the previous versions.
  • Off-roading vehicles were also improved with different tires and curves to explore the large off-road area of GTA V.
  • Police cars cannot be driven on rails anymore and realistic physics mods have been applied.
  • Roads and surfaces have been worked with and every area in Los Santos has been improvised giving the chance for more smooth driving and pleasant gaming experience.

With realistic suspension for all car’s mod, we are seeing a considerable change in the overall experience of driving around the GTA V world and gamers will have a chance at realistic driving and some challenges while roaming around Los Santos.




How to install:

– Download and install OpenIV
– Drop and replace the “handling.meta” in:
update/ update.rpf/ common/ data

Download Links:

 3.4 (current) Link Download :