Download Recolored Lingerie for MP female 1.1 – Screenshots and Description:

Recolored Lingerie for MP female 1.1

Since the GTA stripping clothes are basically just white, red and brown, I wanted to add some variety.

*Update 1.1: fixed a wrong file name

This mod contains:

-14 Lace tops & stockings (black, grey, rainbow & pastel)
-20 Pattern tops & stockings (leather-like, checkered, dotted, and leo print)
-24 Mixed panties (was too lazy for pictures, but they fit the other colors)
– 2 matching shoes (for the black and fishnet stockings)
– 1 extra stocking model for thinner legs (you can use which one you prefer)

How to install:

I suggest the Add-On mod by HeySlickThatsMe: mpclothes addon
If you dont have it or it doesnt work, there is a readme file in the mod for installation!

!!! FIXED IN 1.1 // Naming error in folder ‘Pattern Stockings’ with lowr_000_u.ydd, should be lowr_001_u.ydd. !!!


Hair by Ghostii (found on the @RaiZe DC) and Dollie. All used textures are from GTA5

Download mod

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zipRecolored Lingerie by PALLAS

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