Download Red Dead Desert [Add-On] 3.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Red Dead Desert [Add-On] 3.0

Welcome to Red Dead Desert! Here you will experience the true American desert, there are caves, a mountain, an airfield and some other attractions!


read the README.txt file

1. You get full beta access to my mods!
2. A chance to privately talk to me about map issues.
3. And tutorials on mapping!


3.0 – Changelog

1. Updated roads with better shaders so they look better.

2. Finished LOD for terrain.

2.0 – Changelog

1.Map now supports LODS so reflections appear in map.

2. Shows proper location when at map rather than “Pacific Ocean”

1.1 – Changelog

1. Made the map compatible with new update!


– Stilldre (map creator)

– me & T0PGlitch3r (the converter)

– Dexyfex for OpenMapTools and Codewalker
– 3doomer for GIMS EVO
– 3ds Max for their software

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