Download Ride of the Valkyries 1.0 – Screenshots and Description:

Ride of the Valkyries 1.0

With this mod, you can request a helicopters attack to kill targets around you. The helicopters attack is inspired to the famous Apocalypse Now attack scene.

– Latest ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade

– Latest ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire

– Latest LemonUI

In open areas, you can use the attack menu to choose the attack radius and then, when you call the heli attack, ten helicopters will try to destroy all targets located inside your chose radius. When a target is dead, the helicopter will attack another target (if it has one) otherwise, the pilot will finish his mission and he’ll leave from the attack zone.
In attack menu, there are other two features:

– Default radius: if selected, the current chose radius will be set as default radius and it can be used to call an attack quickly without opening menu.

– Persistent toggle: if selected to “yes” the target will remain in game memory and they won’t be taken away until they is killed by helis (i recommend to use this when you want to kill a target like NPC in traffic because when he is far away from player, the game will delete the ped or will change the model and if the ped is removed or changed, the heli’s pilot can’t target him correctly and he’ll abort the attack, leaving from area). I recommend to set “no” when you want to kill cops because making them persistent, it will change their behavior (the game will dispatch other units more than normal and cops will continue to shot you even if you isn’t wanted).

– Attack menu key (default NumPad1): open or close the attack menu.

– Abort key (default NumPad2): abort helis attack (if you change idea or the helicopters aren’t spawned correctly, for example, collided with parts of map).

– Fast attack key (default NumPad3): request attack without opening menu. The attack radius will be the default set in menu previously.

In ANKeys.ini you can change the keys or you can set a maximum time for attack (if all targets won’t be destroyed within this time, the attack will be aborted anyhow). “Time” value from 1 to 10 minutes, default it’s 2.

– ScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, ScriptHookDotNet.asi, ScriptHookDotNet3.dll, ScriptHookDotNet.ini files must be in your GTA V main folder.

– If you don’t already made, you have to create a “scripts” folder in your GTA V main folder. Put Apocalypse Now Attack.dll, ANKeys.ini and LemonUI.SHVDN3.dll in this folder.

NB: This mod works with Buzzards, Valkyries and military ped models and can conflict with ohter similar mods you installed, causing unexpected behaviors.



Thanks to:
– Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV!
– Crosire for ScriptHookVDotNet!
– Lemon for his LemonUI!
– GTA V modding community!
– You!

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